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49er Stadium

49er Stadium, Santa Clara, Oversight Stormwater Management - Turner/Devcon AJV


The new 49er Levi Stadium was a $1.2 Billion dollar project that operated 24/7/365. At any one time there were over 1,500 trades onsite and sometimes as many as 80 concrete trucks hauling daily. The new 49er Levi Stadium was delivered right on time for the 2014 football season.

Stormwater Specialists provides oversight Stormwater Monitoring, Training of all Subcontractors and Trades, Inspections, Monitoring and Reporting on SMARTS. We converted this project from a incorrectly determined Risk Level 2 to the correct Risk Level 1 Determination for tens of thousands of dollars in savings and monitoring.

South Placer Adult Correctional Facility - Roseville, McCarthy Building Companies
Stormwater Specialists provided Stormwater Monitoring, Inspections, Sampling and recommendations for Active Treatment System along with Reporting on SMARTS. We provided all Training of the McCarthy Building Companies Team and Subcontractors and Trades and finalization with Notice of Termination on SMARTS.

Oakland Army Base Horizontal Project - Turner/Top Grade Constuction/Flatiron JV
Stormwater Specialists is the Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) for the OAB project. We provide QSP/QSD Stormwater Management, with on-going Training of all Subcontractors and Trades, Inspections, Monitoring and Reporting on SMARTS. Our Stormwater Specialists Team is an intregal part of the Design-Build Team and have been involved with the strategic design for over 2 years. We provide cost-effective cost efficient Stormwater solutions.

Project References

  • Turner / Devcon AJV - 49er’s Stadium, Santa Clara, Oversight Stormwater Management
  • Turner/Top Grade Construction/Flatiron JV - Oakland Army Base Horizontal Project
  • McCarthy Building Companies - South Placer Adult Correctional Facility - Roseville
  • McCarthy Building Companies - New San Andreas Court House, San Andreas
  • Turner Construction - Northern CA Division, Stormwater Management and Training
  • West Contra Costa Unified School District - All schools in District in Contra Costa County
  • LKQ Recycling Facilities - Nor Cal Compliance Redding, Rancho Cordova & Stockton
  • Evans Brothers, Inc. - Transbay Center Demolition, San Francisco
  • Top Grade Construction - San Francisco Bay Trail Intermodal, Martinez to Crockett
  • Napa River/Creek Flood Control District, USACE - Napa Creek Improvements, Napa
  • Turner Construction - Douglas High School, Douglas, Nevada
  • McCarthy Building Companies - Manzanita Perk Residence at Stanford University, Stanford
  • Power Engineering - 48-Inch Force Main, Blair Island, Redwood City
  • HPS Mechanical - Kit Carson & Hanford Water Main Projects, Central CA
  • Road Builders, Inc.- Big Bear Landfill, Big Bear City, San Bernardino County
  • T&S Construction - Fall Creek Water System Improvements, Yreka
  • Silverado Contractors - San Francisco County Jail Replacement, Phase 3, San Bruno
  • Placer County Dept. of Facility Services - Applegate Regional Sewer Lift Station, Placer Hills
Please feel free to contact us for further information and personal references. We really appreciate the opportunity to provide you with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Stormwater Management Support Services. Thank you.

What People are Saying

Stormwater Specialists has helped us grow our Stormwater Mangement Program and implement our National Stormwater Policy. The Training and education continues to be very valuable for our Turner Construction Team.

David Steffens,
VP of Operations, Turner Construction Northern CA Division
Stormwater Specialists continues to provide us with valuable tools and oversight Stormwater Management, Training, Sampling, Inspections and SMARTS Reporting.

Ken Sullivan,
Compliance Manager, Turner/Devcon AJV
Mary with Stormwater Specialists converted our National 6-Hour Stormwater Training program to our CA based 6-Hour Stormwater Training. Everyone raves about the content and presentation and how much valuable information they have learned. Mary's Team converted our 49ers Stadium to a Risk Level 1 after it was incorrectly set-up as Risk Level 2, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

William J. Jangraw,
Project Executive, Turner Construction Oakland and Portland
Mary and her Stormwater Specialists Team provide us with value-engineering during Design-Build, budgets, strategies, SWPPP implementation and compliance. Mary has trained all of our Management, Estimators, Project Managers and Engineers, Superintendents and Foreman. We know that we can depend on the Stormwater team to be there whenever we need Stormwater guidance and cost-effective solutions.

William Gates,
President, Goodfellow Top Grade Construction
Stormwater Specialists has developed a Stormwater Management Program for our entire School District. We are building many mutli-million dollar campuses and continue to receive value by refining our Specifications, Value-Engineering, Budgeting, writing our SWPPP for Bid Packages and implementing all Monitoring and Reporting on SMARTS. We are proud of our Stormwater Management Program and our commitment to Stormwater compliance.

West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD)
Mr. Magdy Abdalla,
District Engineering Officer, WCCUSD
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